Mid-term review of the European transport policy

Brussels, Belgium – The Commission will carry out in november and december 2005 the mid-term review of the White Paper on “the European transport policy for 2010”.

This revision was envisaged in the White Paper adopted in 2001. It will be based on an overall balance of the action plan implementation proposed in 2001 which combined measures to rebalance transport modes, to relieve traffic on major axes, to improve the quality of transport, in particular by applying real costs for the user, and to manage globalisation. It will serve to check whether the objectives of the White Paper can be achieved or whether adjustments are necessary.

The review will have to take several new and outstanding developments into account which justify an update of the basic hypotheses of the White Paper, including EU enlargement, weak current economic growth, high oil prices and new concerns, such as those relating to the safety of transport.

In this context, to supplement its own analysis, the Commission would like to take note of your ideas on European transport policy. To this end, the Commission would appreciate to receive your comments, concerns, wishes, observations and standpoint, and in particular your comments on the attached questions The topics discussed in these ten questions are the basis for the Community reflection on the European transport policy. For this reason and to ensure coherence, it would be preferable that submissions follow the thrust of these questions and use them as a basis for the contributions made to the Commission.

Comments should reach the Commission’s services no later than the 31/12/2005 at the following address:
electronic address:TREN-MID-TERM-REVIEW-WP-TRANSPORT@cec.eu.int
postal address:
European Commission
Directorate-General for Energy and Transport
Rue Demot, 24
B-1049 Brussels
Unit “Sectoral Economies”

More information about the White Paper you can find on: europa.eu.int/comm/energy_transport/en/lb_en.html


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