EC: Freedom of movement of trains one step closer

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission today adopted two Technical Specifications for Interoperability for the conventional trans-European rail network (in the form of a Decision and a Regulation) which will make it easier for trains to run throughout the whole of Europe. These specifications concern the noise emitted by rolling stock and telematics applications for freight.

“These rules will help in creating a truly European railway area for the conventional lines. This is essential in order to promote rail freight services which are cleaner and require less energy”, said Jacques Barrot, Commission Vice-President responsible for transport. “By imposing noise limits, the needs of people who live close to railways are also being taken into account”, he added.

As from today, any new railway equipment or rolling stock intended for the conventional network will have to comply with these common technical specifications in all the Member States of the European Union.

The Decision for the first time lays down noise limits for rolling stock used within the European Union. These limits, which will be revised at regular intervals to take account of technical progress, will help to reduce the problems of noise for people who live near railways and to further strengthen the advantage in terms of the environment which the railways have over their competitors.

The Regulation covers telematics applications for freight and should lead to the information and communications systems of the various infrastructure managers and railway operators being interconnected in an effective manner. This is essential to ensure a high quality of railway services, in particular on the rapidly expanding international freight market. The Regulation will also increase the productivity of the railway sector as better use will be made of rolling stock and infrastructure.

Other technical specifications are being developed to achieve interoperability within the conventional trans-European railway system and the first technical specifications for the interoperability of the trans-European high-speed railway system are being revised.

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Bron: European Commission