Banverket takes ERTMS another step further

Borlänge, Sweden – Banverket has signed framework agreements for onboard and trackside equipment for the European Railway Traffic Management System ERTMS. The three framework agreements run for 8 years with an option to extend a further 8 years. The contracts are initially valued at a total of 1006 million Swedish kronor. The total value of future orders within the scope of these agreements amounts to several billion kronor.

The Swedish railway industry is on the threshold of a major shift in technology. The introduction of the new ERTMS signalling system provides railway with the foundation for increased competitiveness and is an important step towards the long desired standardisation in the railway sector.
“Migrating from the current signalling system, “ATC”, to the ERTMS traffic control system is a big step towards easing cross-border train interoperability, cutting travel times between different regions and reducing the carbon footprint of travel and transport. The fact that we now have contracts for both onboard and trackside equipment and have started introducing ERTMS in Sweden is a milestone in the development of rail,” says Rune Lindberg, Head of Security, Environment and Technology at Banverket.

“Sweden is implementing ERTMS step by step in the national infrastructure and it will be installed at the Bothnia Line first,” explains Sven Håkan Nilsson, Director of the Swedish ERTMS Programme. “This will be followed by the Västerdalsbanan, Ådalsbanan and Haparandabanan lines, and then by Malmö Central and the Öresund link.
“While introducing the system in this sequence has mainly been dictated by the EU Directive and Swedish railway legislation, other aspects such as increased rail safety and reduced costs have also played a part,” adds Nilsson.

Trackside systems for new and upgraded lines

Ansaldo STS Sweden AB and Bombardier Balfour Beatty HB have both been awarded a framework agreement to supply complete trackside ERTMS level 2 equipment. The agreements are for 8 years with an option to extend a further 8 years.

Each agreement includes development and installation of one pilot line (Haparandabanan and Ådalsbanan respectively) for test operation and final type approval. Trial operation is expected to start on parts of the lines in 2010 with type approval expected in 2011. The agreements can also include orders for equipment for both stations and lines as well as for entire railway lines.

Onboard equipment for Sweden and Norway

Bombardier Transportation Sweden AB have already been awarded a framework contract which will ensure access to ERTMS onboard equipment for train operators operating on Swedish railway lines. This framework agreement offers competitive equipment prices and low installation costs for onboard equipment and will be available to both vehicle owners which use Swedish track as well as to Banverket in Sweden and Jernbaneverket in Norway. Banverket and Jernbaneverket have cooperated in developing this contract with expert support from the railway industry.

Series delivery of onboard equipment will start in late summer 2009.

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