Alstom chosen by RATP and SNCF for renovation trains

A contract worth €103 million

Alstom chosen for the renovation of the RER trains on Ile-de-France line B

Saint Ouen Cedex, France – RATP (Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens) and SNCF, the French national railway
operator, have entrusted Alstom with the interior refitting of 119 suburban trains that operate on
line B of the Ile-de-France regional express (RER) network, in the Paris area. The order, which is
worth a total of €103 million, will be managed by RATP.

In the first stage, Alstom will conduct studies and supply the upgrade kit for a pre-series trainset
(air conditioning equipment, cabling, seats, etc.) required for modernization of the trains. Alstom
will also take part with RATP in the assembly of the new equipment on the trainset. In the second
stage, Alstom will supply upgrade kits for the other 118 trainsets, the updating of the assembly
documentation and the training of the RATP and SNCF teams in charge of the upgrade.

Alstom will deliver the first upgrade kit in March 2009, to enable the pre-series train to operate
from the third quarter of that year. Delivery of the 118 series kits will commence in the first
quarter of 2010 and continue at a rhythm of between 18 and 46 units per year.

The renovated trainsets will offer greater comfort. The passenger compartments will be equipped
with a refrigerated ventilation system, while the seats, grab poles, ceilings, passenger information
system and the lighting will be completely renewed. Lastly, the access doors at the ends of each
train will be designed to be able to accommodate, in time, an automatic step that facilitates the

Design of the new interior arrangement has been headed up by the Alstom Design & Styling
department. The company’s Reichshoffen facility (“Renovation” Center of Excellence), located
close to Strasbourg (France) will manufacture and deliver the upgrade kits. The assembly will be
handled by RATP and SNCF in their own workshops.

Built in Alstom’s Valenciennes factory, the MI79/Z8100 trainsets were delivered to RATP and
SNCF from 1980. After this “mid-life” renovation, the 119 trains, which have been operated daily
for around the past 25 years, will be able to prolong their time in service by an additional 15 to 20
years. 850,000 passengers take the RER Ile-de-France line B each day.

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