Buenos Aires passengers to trial Citadis tramway

Saint Ouen Cedex, France – On 14 July 2007, the President of the Argentine Republic, Nestor Kirchner, inaugurated the experimental East tramway line in Buenos Aires. This experiment is the result of an agreement signed in July 2006 between the Argentine and French governments.

Two Alstom Citadis tramway trainsets will enable inhabitants of the Argentine capital to get to know this method of transport over the course of a year, on a two-kilometre line linking the Cordoba and Independencia avenues, in the modern district of Puerto Madero. Alstom, which manufactured the rolling stock, is also in charge of engineering, project management and maintenance.

Following this trial year, the national and local authorities will study the efficiency of this mode of transport and the opportunities for developing the tramway in Puerto Madero, in other districts in the capital and in other cities in the country.

Within the context of the transport modernisation being undertaken by the Argentine authorities, the tramway constitutes an innovative solution that respects the environment, allowing urban spaces to be reconceived and architectural heritage to be preserved, whilst contributing to urban development.

To date, 945 Citadis cars have been ordered by 24 cities around the world and over 40 further cities have a tramway project scheduled for the next 3 years. Alstom expects to pass the 1,000 mark in terms of Citadis trams sold across the world during 2007.

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