Rail-Tech Russia 18-20 June 2007 in Moscow

Rail-Tech® Russia
International Railway Conference & Exhibition
18-20 June 2007 VVC Centre Moscow

Zeist, The Netherlands – The Russian rail market is practically without boundaries with over 80,000 km of tracks! Enormous investments are foreseen in the years to come.
Rail-Tech® Russia International Conference and Exhibition is a platform where the international exhibitor and conference delegate has the opportunity to meet Russian and international partners. It is a unique joint project of Russian Railways RZD and Europoint and is supported by UIC, CER, OSJD and UNIFE.

The major trade exhibition will feature suppliers of rolling stock, infrastructure and any other suppliers in the rail sector. Here Russian and international companies are offered the opportunity to demonstrate their latest railway technologies.

The above mentioned associations together with representatives of the Russian Railways, the Russian Ministry of Transport and the Transmashholding are represented in the conference advisory committee. The programme hence promises to become a very international one with a focus on Russia as a strategic link between Europe and Asia. The conference will amongst others deal with the following subjects: integration of different railway systems, international harmonisation in the technical, operational, regulatory and commercial fields, rail traffic management systems, automation, outlook for passenger and rail freight services and high speed.

Concurrently with the Rail-Tech® Russia conference and exhibition the annual General Assembly of the UIC will be held in Moscow upon the invitation of the president of the Russian Railways Mr. V.I. Yakunin.

The programme is complemented by a train exhibition at Rizhskaya station and a technical visit to Sherbinka, the research and trial facility of RZD.

For more information please visit our website or contact the organisers:
International inquiries:
Europoint b.v.
P.O. Box 822,
3700 AV Zeist, The Netherlands
www.railtechrussia.com or www.railevents.eu

Local inquiries:
EME-Russia (Business Centre Pavlovskii)
Pavlovskaya Str. 7, 115093 Moscow, Russia
www.railtechrussia.com or

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