Changes to the board of Strukton Railinfra

Utrecht, The Netherlands – Diederik Schonebaum and Jesper Rasmussen have joined the board of Strukton Railinfra. The board further consists of Aike Schoots (chairman), Gert Jan Vos, Diederik Schonebaum, Jesper Rasmussen, Hijlke Huijzer and Jan Lucas van Koppenhagen. The appointments are a logical step in Strukton Railinfra’s growth strategy.

Diederik Schonebaum will focus on the Dutch market, where Strukton Railinfra is a market leader in the field of track maintenance. Before his appointment, Diederik Schonebaum was the managing director of Strukton Railinfra Randstad.

Jesper Rasmussen will be responsible for the Nordic countries, where Strukton Railinfra pursues a high market position as a full-service provider in the field of track systems. Strukton Railinfra acquired a majority interest in Svensk Banproduktion in 2003, which has grown into the second largest company in the Swedish market. In 2006, Strukton Railinfra took a 65% stake in the Norwegian company Jernbaneservice AS. Before joining Strukton Railinfra, Jesper Rasmussen was managing director of BaneDanmark, the enterprise responsible for the Danish state railway network.

With an annual turnover of EUR 500 million, Strukton Railinfra is one of the leading track specialists in the Netherlands and Europe. Strukton Railinfra operates from various branches in the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Sweden and Norway and is also active in Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland. Strukton Railinfra is part of Strukton Groep.

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