Bulgaria launched infrastructure project 340 mln euro

Sofia, Bulgaria – The biggest infrastructure project was launched in Bulgaria, accounting for EUR 340 mln, for the design and construction of a railway line and the electrification of Krumovo-Purvomai stretch. This is the first stage of the project for the Reconstruction and Electrification of Plovdiv-Svilengrad railways – Greek/Turkish border and its optimisation for 160km/h. The project is of great importance, because it covers parts of Pan-European Transport Corridors 4 and 9.

The effective implementation of the works under the contract with Greek company Terna starts 2006-05-26, after the successful finalization of preliminary procedures and requirements.

Considerable progress has been made under the project for the construction of a new combined bridge over the Danube River at Vidin (in Bulgaria) and Calafat (in Romania). After the Delegation of the EC to Sofia approved the tender file for the appointment of contractors, on 16 May 2006, today the five applicants were invited to submit their offers. The short-listed participants are: Hochtief, Germany – OHL, Spain; FCC, Spain; VINCI, France – Glavbolgarstroy, Bulgaria – Moststroy, Bulgaria; Zublin, Germany – Alpine Mayreder, Austria – Eiffel, France; Bouygues, France – Trasstroy Varna, Bulgaria – Rizzani de Eccher, Italy.

The offers are to be submitted by 15 September 2006, and will be opened on 18 September 2006.

This is one of the biggest and complex infrastructure projects implemented by the Ministry of Transport. The project’s total value amounts to EUR 236 mln; EUR 226 mln of the funds will be allotted for the construction works, while EUR 10 mln – for the design analysis, design and consultations.

The project is also funded under the PHARE and ISPA Programmes of the EU, the European Investment Bank (EIB), the KfW, the French Development Agency (AFD) and Bulgaria’s state budget.

The Minister of Transport has to appoint a committee for the evaluation of the offers, in accordance with the Delegation of the EC to Bulgaria. The construction works are scheduled to be launched in May 2007. The facilities are expected to be constructed for 38 months.

The new bridge is part of the regional infrastructure projects of the Stability Pact and its construction will remove one more hindrance to the development of Pan-European Corridor 4. The construction of the bridge at Vidin-Calafat is among the government’s top priorities.

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Bron: Republic of Bulgaria Council of Ministers