Alcatel: 50 Mln euro contract modernize French railway

Paris, France – Alcatel today announced that it has been awarded a framework contract valued at Euro 50 million by RFF (Réseau Ferré de France, owner and manager of the French
rail network) to modernize the national railway network. With its high
level of safety and availability, Alcatel’s next-generation electronic
interlocking system will contribute to renew the interlocking systems and
improve their operation on the national railway network.

As part of this contract, Alcatel will provide its PAING solution, a
next-generation electronic interlocking system based on standard
technology. This solution will be deployed in a significant portion of the
French railway junctions, which will be renewed in the years to come. Its
flexible architecture allows its implementation at small railway stations
as well as large stations managing dense and complex interconnections.
Capitalizing on the PIPC electronic interlocking solution that has been
operating at more than 50 stations of the French railway network for the
last 5 years, the PAING solution reuses existing developments, while adding
new features required by RFF and offering life cycle cost improvements.

"Alcatel’s solution meets the objectives of our specifications: to
optimize life cycle cost and ensure interface compatibility with existing
systems a well as with new ones such as ERTMS" stated Philippe Le Bouar,
Head of Electric and Signalization Department of RFF. "We also want to be
in a position to upgrade this interlocking system without impacting the
other interfaced systems and vice versa".

"We are really pleased to reinforce our close relationship with RFF in
signaling" said Jean-Luc Arguedas, General Manager of Alcatel’s transport
automation activities in France. " We have been working together for a long
time with RFF and SNCF to develop innovative and customized solutions to
modernize and optimize railway infrastructures. This frame contract
strengthens our position as prime signaling supplier of RFF".

Alcatel’s PAING solution is based on a proven technology that is also
operational in Portugal and Tunisia. As operators are seeking
cost-effective interlocking systems, this new contract exemplifies the fact
that safety and high availability are perfectly compatible with optimized
operational and maintenance costs. This major achievement, confirms
Alcatel’s leadership in terms on electronic interlocking systems.

About RFF
As proprietor of 29,000 kilometers of operational rail lines, Réseau Ferré
de France (RFF), a State enterprise created in 1997, manages one of the
largest rail infrastructure networks in Europe. It owns the leading network
of high-speed rail lines and exercises numerous responsibilities. RFF
ensures distribution of paths that enable management of train movements.
Responsible for the maintenance and operation of the network, RFF sets the
principles and objectives in compliance with which the SNCF executes these
missions. In charge of developing the network, RFF leads many projects
combining national and regional development, economic requirements and
sustainable development; it builds new rail lines while organizing the mix
of passenger and freight uses when required, and ensures modernization of
the network by implementing the railway portion of central planning
contracts. As prime contractor, RFF manages construction of the European
East High-Speed Line and other major projects. RFF handles management of
the debt that was transferred to it at its creation and seeks innovative
financing for the investments it undertakes. In the property domain, RFF
implements a policy combining anticipation of railway needs and integration
of regional development projects.

About Alcatel’s Railway Solutions
To meet the challenge of increased mobility, Alcatel offers a host of
advanced railway solutions that ensure safe, reliable and comfortable
transportation of passengers and freight through the network. Drawing on
wide international experience in all aspects of transport automation and
network integration and services, Alcatel is a leading worldwide supplier
for signaling – train control, train routing, control centers – and
integrated communications solutions to carry and distribute voice, data and
video to and from all sites of urban and main line rail. Whether enhancing,
renewing or building new lines, Alcatel is an ideal partner to address the
operational needs of main line and urban rail operators.

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