Siemens Automation Train Control system metro Caracas

Erlangen, Germany – The Transportation Systems Group of Siemens AG (TS) has won a contract to supply its Automation Train Control systems for the new metro line that will link the Venezuelan capital Caracas with the city of Los Teques. As part of an overall contract won by the FRAMECA consortium, TS will equip tracks and trains with its PA 135 automation system. The first track will enter service in October 2006 and the second will follow very early in 2008.

The Siemens PA 135 automatic train protection system already equips the other four lines of the Caracas metro as well as the metro systems in Budapest, Paris, Prague, Mexico City and Rio de Janeiro.

Joining up with the end of line 2 of the Caracas metro, this new 9.8 km line will make it possible to go from Los Teques to the center of the capital in less than 30 minutes, instead of two to three hours by road.

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