CER launches passenger report update

Brussels, Belgium – The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) on 13 September launched its 2005 report on passenger services. The report was launched during a lunch meeting inside the European Parliament, hosted by Dirk
Sterckx MEP, Rapporteur on the proposal for a regulation on rail passengers’
rights and obligations (Third Railway Package).

CER’s report shows that, three years after the adoption of the CER Passenger
Charter in 2002, the railways’ general compliance with the Charter now stands
at the high level of 93%.

Johannes Ludewig, CER’s Executive Director, said: “Quality improvement is a
task for the railways themselves: the report clearly demonstrates railway
companies’ real progress on customer service quality and innovation: we have
come a long way with the Charter since 2002.”

Substantial progress has been made with the introduction of national
compensation schemes for train delay: no less than 19 companies in 14 countries
now have such schemes, with 6 new schemes reported in 2005. And a new
international compensation scheme covering the whole of the EU – the first of its
kind for any transport mode – started in December 2004.

The report also gives interesting examples of recent progress across Europe on
other Passenger Charter topics and, not least, on service, rail product and
pricing development in a competitive and far from static market.

Thirty three passenger rail companies across Europe contributed to the report,
covering all EU Member States with railways, EFTA and several accession

The report (“Implementation of the Charter on Rail Passenger Services in
Europe. Progress report. September 2005”) can be downloaded from the CER
website (www.cer.be) or ordered from julia.macioti@cer.be.

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