Commercial road transport: EC welcomes Council’s endorsement

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission has welcomed the political agreement on the road package that has been reached 2008-06-13 in the Transport Council. The road package consists of three proposals for regulations aimed at modernising and simplifying the rules governing admission to the occupation of road transport operator and access to the road transport market for both passengers and goods.

The Commission expressed its satisfaction that the Council has endorsed the key elements of the Commission proposals, in particular better defined conditions for becoming a road transport operator, clearer and easily enforceable rules on cabotage (i.e. transport operations on the territory of a Member State carried out by a haulier established in another Member State) and much stronger cooperation between Member States in enforcing the legislation across the entire territory of the EU by interconnecting national electronic registers on road transport undertakings.

Concerning cabotage, the Council agreed on the provisions on the basis of the Commission proposal that allows three cabotage operations within seven days after an international transport, with the flexibility to carry out one operation when transiting through another Member State.

The European Commission hopes that on the basis of these political agreements, the European Parliament and the Council will be able to adopt these important pieces of legislation in second reading.

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Bron: European Commission