Cleaner London taxi fleet to improve air quality

London, Great Britain – London’s taxis will now be less polluting following the introduction of stricter emissions standards to help improve air quality.

All vehicles that were previously ‘Pre-Euro’ and ‘Euro 1’ emissions standards, will now have to present themselves for their annual licensing inspection with approved emission reduction equipment.

Taxis are currently estimated to be responsible for 18 per cent nitrogen oxide (NOx) and 34 per cent particulate matter (PM10) of road transport emissions in central London. By July 2008 all taxis will have to be of Euro 3 standard.

Mayor of London Ken Livingstone said: ‘Cleaning up the environment and promoting a green agenda is a top priority for London. London has the worst air quality in the UK and last year air pollution was estimated to have caused 1,000 premature deaths in the capital.

‘London’s taxis will now play their part to improve air quality by installing equipment to make vehicles less polluting. These higher standards will also help to improve taxi drivers’ own health as they can often spend most of their time in polluted areas.

‘This is one of a number of measures I am putting in place to improve air quality in London. The central London Congestion Charge is already having an impact, with the most harmful vehicle emissions in the zone down by 13-15 per cent. We are also working to making London a Low Emission Zone by 2008, which will see the removal of the most polluting lorries, buses and coaches from the streets.’

Ed Thompson, Transport for London’s Taxi and Private Hire Director, said: ‘London’s taxi drivers spend long hours on the road each day and will be one of the major beneficiaries of the Mayor’s commitment to improve air quality, including the Mayor’s Taxi Emission Strategy and the proposed Low Emission Zone.

‘In April 2005, an environmental charge of 20p was added to the fixed minimum fare and was introduced to meet the cost of converting taxis to reach new environmental standard.

‘By July 2008, all taxis in London will be required to be of Euro 3 standard for NOx and PM10.’

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Bron: Transport for London