ERTICO General Assembly elects new Chairman

Brussels, Belgium – ERTICO Partners gathered for the annual General Assembly in Genval, Belgium on 18 May, appointed a new Chair, four new Supervisory Board members and re-elected the President & Spokesman.

Outgoing ERTICO Chairman Patrick Faure welcomed all Partners in attendance and noted that he was pleased to see such a vibrant participation. He gave special thanks to the Supervisory Board members for their support and commitment over the year as well as the entire ERTICO team.

Jean-Yves Bronner, Chair of the Finance & Administration Group 2005, presented the Accounts and Reports 2005 and received the approval of the Partners.
He announced that he was stepping down as Chair and welcomed his successor Bruno Chazalette. Mr Faure presented Mr Bronner with a special gift and thanked him for his work as Chair of the Finance & Administration Group since 1996.

Former ERTICO CEO and current ITS Congress Association President, Olivier Mossé, updated the Partners on the activities of ITS Congress Association and the preparations for the upcoming ITS World Congress in London on 8-12 October 2006.

ERTICO CEO Arnold van Zyl conducted the voting procedures. A record 65 Partners were represented at the event, out of the 90 Partners eligible to vote. Partners elected the new Supervisory Board and appointed Monica Sundström of the Swedish Road Administration. Max Mosley was re-elected ERTICO President & Spokesman.

Four new Supervisory Board members were also elected:

In the Industry sector:

  • Daniel Augello of Renault
  • Jürgen Leohold of Volkswagen
  • Helmut Matschi of Siemens

In the Public Authorities sector:

  • Cathy Jenkins of the UK Department for Transport

ERTICO CEO Arnold van Zyl introduced ERTICO’s new internal structure and activity focus areas during the counting of the votes.

The newly elected Supervisory Board met immediately after the General Assembly and elected Gunter Zimmermeyer of Robert Bosch as Vice Chairman. They also approved the continuation of Bernhard Dicke of VDA as Chair of the Strategy Committee and Ivan Hodac of ACEA as Secretary to the Supervisory Board.

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