Two TEN-E workprogrammes endorsed

Commissioner Piebalgs endorses the work programmes of TEN-E coordinators Adamowitsch and Mielczarski

Brussels, Belgium – Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs endorsed 2007-11-30 the work programmes of Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch, the coordinator for the connections to off-shore wind power in Northern Europe and of Wladydlaw Mielczarski, the coordinator for power connection between Germany, Poland and Lithuania. Mr Adamowitsch’s main task will be to facilitate the integration of the offshore wind energy produced in the Baltic Sea and North Sea into the continental grid. Mr Mielczarski’s main challenge will be to help accelerate the implementation of the power connection between Germany, Poland and Lithuania in order to increase the overall capacity and strengthen the reliability of the connections.

"The effective isolation of the Baltic States, which still form an energy island, is an urgent problem. The interconnection between the Lithuanian and Polish networks is needed for the security of supply and the correct functioning of the Internal Energy Market," said Commissioner Piebalgs. Concerning wind power, he added: "The project will make a major contribution to reaching our 20% renewable energy target by 2020. The main challenge here is to propose solutions that could satisfy all the actors at national but also at regional and local levels and to initiate common European solutions and scenarios".

"The development of the power link between Poland and the Baltic States will have a very positive impact on the entire region," declared Prof. Mielczarski who presented his work plan for the forthcoming months.

The project has experienced significant difficulties over the years. The main reasons for delays have been change in scope and lack of coordination between both sides. Real progress in the project will require cooperation between all the Member States concerned.

As far as the wind energy project is concerned, the offshore wind power production will put additional pressure on the performance and grid operation of the electricity network in the Baltic and North Sea area. Mr Adamowitsch emphasized that extensive consultations of Member States in Northern Europe, the corresponding national regulation authorities as well as the Transmission System Operators have to be carried out. "It is clear that offshore wind power generation and transmission need to be addressed simultaneously," said Mr Adamowitsch.

Prof. Mielczarski was born in Kutno, Poland, in 1949. He is professor for electric power engineering at the Technical University of Lodz. He is a specialist of high repute in electricity market design.

Georg Wilhelm Adamowitsch was born in Hameln/Weser, Germany, in 1947. He worked in various functions in the state’s Ministry of North-Rhine Westphalia, eventually as Director-General and Head of the Planning Agency. From 2002 until 2006 he was State Secretary in the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

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