Ports take action against climate change

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – On 9, 10 and 11 July 2008, a port climate conference will be held in Rotterdam, bearing the title the ‘2008 C40 World Ports Climate Conference’.

In preparation for this, the Port of Rotterdam Authority organised a conference entitled ‘World Ports for a better climate’, on 25, 26 and 27 November in the Shipping and Transport College, Rotterdam. The ports of Shanghai, Santos, Melbourne, Singapore, Tokyo, New York and New Jersey, Houston, Los Angeles Long Beach, Hamburg, Antwerp, Amsterdam and Rotterdam took part in this conference. Conference director Pieter Struijs (COO Port Authority) was satisfied with the results: "This gathering proved that the ports are serious. Individually, the ports are already taking environmentally-friendly measures. We are going to use the next six months to bring together all these initiatives that have been taken throughout the world."

Ruud Lubbers, appointed chair of the ‘2008 C40 Wold Ports Climate Conference’:

“A start’s been made. Rotterdam is taking the lead when it comes to the low-CO2 ports in the world. I have every confidence in a good outcome.” The world conference is linked with the Rotterdam Climate Initiative. This is the new, ambitious climate programme in which the municipality of Rotterdam, DCMR Environmental Protection Agency Rijnmond, Deltalinqs and the Port of Rotterdam Authority are working together to radically reduce CO2 emissions. This initiative is an expression of Rotterdam’s ambition to have reduced the 1990 level of CO2 emissions on its territory by 50% in 2025.

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