Ad Pontier takes over as Railcert director

Utrecht, The Netherlands / Munich, Germany – Ad Pontier (55) became director of Railcert. He succeeds Jean Paul van Hengstum, who has left to pursue a career in Asia. Pontier is an electrical engineer. He has been with Holland Railconsult since 1995, where his roles have included that of deputy director for projects outside the Netherlands. It was in that capacity that he helped set up Railcert in 1999. Railcert is a ‘notified body’, empowered to grant type approval for the railways. The company also acts as a ‘safety assessor’, an independent body that assesses the safety of railway systems.

Under European legislation, EU directives govern the details of any new system introduced on the rail network, whether for high-speed or for conventional lines. As a result, railways and rail transport operators only accept new systems that have been granted an EU certificate of conformity by a notified body.

The Dutch government has made Railcert such a ‘notified body’. This means that Railcert can certify any product that requires certification for use on the railways. This applies to both conventional and high-speed lines. The issue is often that of interoperability, in which case certification involves verifying that the system can be used in a number of countries.
Railcert is also an Independent Safety Assessor; in this capacity, Railcert acts as an independent partner, assessing whether a system meets the relevant safety requirements in terms of engineering, function and application.

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