No-Dig 2005: Winners HDD Competition presented

Rotterdam, The Netherlands – At the No-Dig Conference in Ahoy’ Rotterdam the winners of the HDD competition are presented. The first price is won bij Van der Beek, the second price by C.Ris 2 and the third price by C.Ris 1.

HDD competition

Starting on the opening day on 19 September, holes were drilled from various drilling installations set up on the Ahoy’ grounds under the canal in the direction of a marked point in the Zuiderpark. Every day there were minimally 2 holes drilled; the team that drilld the fastest and the most accurately is declared winner of this HDD competition (Horizontal Directional Drilling). The holes were drilled using the newest technological drill systems and created a hole of about 9 cm in diameter. The distance to be drilled is between 50 and 100 metres.

No-Dig 2005 is organised by Ahoy’ Rotterdam in collaboration with Kivi-Niria by order of the International Society for Trenchless Technology (ISTT) and the Netherlands Society for Trechnless Technology (NSTT).

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