The Municipality of Istanbul exhibits the new metro delivered by Alstom

Saint Ouen Cedex, France – The Municipality of Istanbul (IBB) in Turkey, exhibited in Taksim Square one of
the cars of the first Metropolis trainset, destined to operate on the new metro line currently under
construction between Otogar Kirazli and Olimpiyat Village. On the occasion of this event, designed to
demonstrate the progress being made on the new line to the population, Mr. Yalçin Eyigün, Director of
the Railway System Department of IBB, expressed his satisfaction and praised Alstom’s responsiveness.
Mr. Yalçin Eyigün had declared when he visited to Alstom Valenciennes, the company’s centre of
excellence specializing in urban transport solutions last September: “With this product we can carry a
lot of passengers with a very comfortable atmosphere inside. These will be the nicest trains. “

This milestone evidences Alstom’s ability to support the Municipality of Istanbul in its major program
of City transport development. According to the schedule that had been agreed with the customer,
Alstom delivered on 29 October 2008 the first of the 20 Metropolis trainsets of the contract in record
time of 14 months. This exceptional schedule was achieved thanks to a very effective project
management, streamlined sourcing processes and a unique industrial organization, based on Alstom’s
new “Train Project Team” process. In this way, the capacity of the finishing chain has been doubled:
the number of positions and work rates were increased, allowing to work simultaneously on all the
cars of the trainset. A specific type tests organisation also contributed to deliver the first trainset more
quickly. Lastly, the mobilization, commitment and coordination of all Valenciennes’ staff and of the
other seven Alstom sites participating to the project were key in achieving this exceptional delivery
The second trainset, which has also already been completed and is undergoing the validation testing
campaign, will be shipped once the tests will be finished. In 2009, the deliveries of the 18 remaining
trainsets will follow at the rate of 10 cars per month. The last trainset will be delivered on October

10th anniversary of the Metropolis range
Delivery of the trainsets for the new Istanbul metro starts as Alstom Transport celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Metropolis range. Designed and developed in 1998 by the engineers at Valenciennes,
Metropolis has been able to evolve along with the needs of customers, thanks to its modular
construction. The flexibility of the dimensions (in terms of width and length) of its external design and
its interior fittings have made it possible to market Metropolis in Asia, in Europe, in South America and
in the Middle East. Since the launch of the Metropolis range, 2,800 carriages have been sold to the
networks of Singapore, Nanjing, Warsaw, Barcelona, Budapest, Istanbul, Santiago, Sao Paulo, Buenos
Aires and Santo Domingo.

In Turkey Alstom has already delivered the rolling stock for the first metro line in Istanbul, which was
put into commercial service in 2000. Alstom is the leader of the consortium in charge of constructing
the new railway line under the Bosphorus called MARMARAY. Istanbul is also the first Turkish city to
have commissioned Alstom to produce 36 Citadis tramway trainsets.

About Alstom Transport

With sustainable transport in mind, Alstom Transport develops and offers the most complete range of
systems, equipment and services on the rail market. Alstom Transport is capable of managing an
entire transport system, from rolling stock to signaling and infrastructure, as well as offering turnkey
solutions. In 2007-2008, Alstom Transport’s turnover was €5.5 billion and its orders increased by 39%
over the previous financial year. Alstom Transport is present in over 60 countries and has 26,000
employees. The company recruited 4,000 employees worldwide in 2007 and expects to hire a similar
number in 2008.

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