IRF-EU Safety seminars to continue in 2008

IRF-EU road safety engineering workshops to continue spreading best practices

The International Road Federation (IRF) will once again collaborate with the European Commission (TAIEX Instrument) in organising a series of road safety engineering and financing workshops in selected locations across Europe. These represent an invaluable tool to spread knowledge and best practices in nations where there is a great need of implementing effective strategies aimed at building a safer and more efficient road transport infrastructure.

During 2007 five free workshops were held in various locations across Europe (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Hungary, Lithuania and Turkey) to offer selected stakeholders the possibility to acquire valuable information on road safety engineering and a platform where to share best practices. During 2008 Bulgaria and Romania will be visited, together with additional countries benefiting from the EC’s neighbourhood policy.

The seminars include specific sessions on safe road management policies, legal aspects (the Tunnel Directive and the Safe Road Infrastructure Management Directive), road equipment standards and deployment strategies, European safety research projects, financing road safety as well as “on site” visits to ongoing road engineering projects.

IRF is a non-profit association coordinating the views of the road sector and acts as a platform for dialogue and research on mobility issues. IRF actively supports national and international efforts to drastically decrease road fatalities by giving the road sector a consistent and united voice on road safety. For additional information on this or any upcoming Workshop please do not hesitate to contact IRF at

Interested Members with expertise in Road Safety Engineering who wish to find out how they can participate in these events are requested to contact the IRF Secretariat in Brussels on

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