Alstom to supply 126 metro cars for Nanjing Line

Alstom Transport and its Chinese partners, Nanjing CSR Puzhen Rail Transit and SATEE, have been awarded a contract by the operator Nanjing Metro Company (NMC) worth a total of €85,5 million, within a consortium*. Alstom’s consolidated share estimated at €25,5 million. The contract is for the supplying of 126 metro cars for the Nanjing Metro Line 1 southern extension. Nanjing is located at 1.200 kilometres to the South West of Beijing.

The contract involves 21 six-cars Alstom’s Metropolis trainsets. According to the contract, Alstom is responsible for the design of the trains and the validation of the first trainset, Puzhen is in charge of the manufacturing and warranty of the 21 trainsets and SATEE will manufacture the auxiliary inverter and traction equipments. All the metro cars are scheduled to be delivered by 2011.

The Nanjing Metro Line 1 southern extension will be 18 kilometers long, linking “An De Men” and “Chengdong Road”, and will serve 12 stations. It is scheduled to enter into service from March 2010. In 2002, Alstom had already supplied 120 Metropolis cars for the Line 1. In total, 246 Alstom metro cars will equip Nanjing metro Line 1 after the delivery of this last order.

Besides Nanjing Metro Line 1, the Alstom consortium also supplied 144 Metropolis metro cars for Nanjing Metro Line 2 in April 2007. To date, over 370 Metropolis metro cars have been sold in Nanjing and over 1,400 in China.

* The consortium led by Nanjing CSR Puzhen Rail Transit Co., Ltd. also includes Alstom Transport S.A. (ATSA) and Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. (SATEE), the Alstom Transport joint venture specialized in traction equipment and based in Shanghai.

About Alstom Transport

A promoter of sustainable mobility, Alstom Transport develops and markets the most complete range of systems, equipment and services in the railway market. Alstom Transport’s strength lies in its ability to manage entire transport systems, taking in the rolling stock, signalling and infrastructure, and to offer “turnkey” solutions. Alstom Transport’s sales over the 2006/07 financial year took it to 1st place in the world transport market.


Shanghai Alstom Transport Electrical Equipement Co., Ltd. (SATEE) is a joint venture set up by Alstom Transport and Shanghai Electric Group in 1999. Specialized in traction equipment, SATEE mainly produces inverters, CARA TM assistant converters, three phase asynchronic AC traction motors, electric control systems, line reactors, braking resistors, main controllers and driving cab and power module equipment. Within the Alstom consortium, SATEE has been involved in the projects for Shanghai Metro lines 1, 3, 5, 8 and 10, and Nanjing Metro Line 1.

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