Liberia receives grant for infrastructure development

Washington, United States of America – The World Bank Board of Directors 2007-07-31 approved an International Development Association (IDA) grant of US$37 million to support the Government of Liberia’s efforts in reestablishing basic infrastructure and reviving agricultural activities.

This grant responds to the request of the Government of Liberia for emergency funds and aims to reinstate critical infrastructure that was destroyed in the war.

The Agriculture and Infrastructure Development project will support the Government with a management contract for operation of the Port of Monrovia and complementary advisory services to undertake a reform of the port sector. It will also fund technical assistance to other entities of the Government responsible for transport and infrastructure.

The project will assist the Government in developing policies to enhance agricultural value chains, promote public-private partnerships, strengthen farmers’ organizations as the primary institution in the rural area, and link farmers to local, national and international markets.

The Agriculture and Infrastructure Development project will fund the reconstruction of the oil jetty in the Port of Monrovia, the rehabilitation and construction of several major bridges on principal road corridors, including the collapsed Vai City Bridge in Monrovia, and on a number of smaller river crossings nationwide. Funds will also be made available for maintenance of roads currently under emergency repairs.

The water treatment plant for Monrovia will be rehabilitated to at least 50 percent of capacity and provision of safe drinking water in selected secondary cities will be improved. The project will provide essential inputs to spur production and rebuild physical market infrastructure such as market places and post-harvest handling facilities for the agricultural sector.

The European Commission will contribute Euro 10 million for activities on rural roads and the water sector.

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