Nexans: Election of new Directors

Paris, France – Nexans’ Board of Directors, who met on March 27, 2007,
decided to propose to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting:
– the renewal of Gianpaolo Caccini, Jean-Marie Chevalier, Georges Chodron de
Courcel, Jacques Garaïalde and Ervin Rosenberg as Directors for a 4 year term
– the election of Jérôme Gallot, Jean-Louis Gerondeau and Nicolas de
Tavernost* as Directors for a 4 year term
– to hold the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting (on second call) on
Thursday, May 10, 2007, at 4.30 p.m., in the auditorium of the Musée du Louvre,
75001 Paris (access via the pyramid of the Musée du Louvre)

Notice of this Annual Shareholders’ Meeting, as well as the agenda, the text of the
proposed resolutions and the major conditions to participate and vote at this Meeting,
were published in the Bulletin des Annonces Légales Obligatoires (“BALO”) on March
28, 2007. A copy of the notice of the meeting, together with the report to be made by
the Board of Directors about the proposed resolutions are available online on Nexans
website ( The documents and information related to this Meeting
may be consulted by shareholders under the conditions according to the regulation in

Moreover, Nexans’ 2006 Annual Report is available online on the Nexans website
(Regulatory required information section) and on the AMF (Autorités des Marchés
Financiers) website ( It includes the annual financial statements,
the Chaiman’s report on the manner in which the work of the Board is prepared and
organized as well as the internal control procedures, the statutory auditor’s report and
the information related to their fees.

* Jérome Gallot
After serving as the Auditor at the French Court of Accounts for 3 years, he joined the Secretary General
of the Inter-Ministry Committee for issues regarding the Organization for European Economic
Cooperation (1989 to 1992), then the Budget Department. He was successively Cabinet Director of the
Ministries of Industry, Post and Telecommunications, Foreign Trade, and Public Services, then became
Deputy Finance Minister (1993 to 1997). He was appointed Director General of the Department of
Competition, Consumer Affairs and Repression of Fraud within the French Ministry of the Economy,
Finance, and Industry (1997 to 2003) before becoming Vice President and Member of the Executive
Committee of Caisse des Dépôts and Consignations. He was appointed Chairman of CDC Entreprises
in 2006.

Jean-Louis Gerondeau
He began his career in 1965 with the Department of International and Economic Affairs within the
French Ministry of Equipment, where he worked for 5 years. He joined McKinsey in 1970, then became
the Chief Executive Officer of Zodiac in 1974. He was appointed Chairman of the Zodiac Management
Board in 1980.

Nicolas de Tavernost
First of all employed by the French Ministry of International Commerce (1974) then appointed General
Secretary of the French Chamber of Commerce in Zurich (1976), he joined the cabinet of the Secretary
of State of Post and Telecommunications in 1977 where he was posted in 1981 to the
Telecommunications Department and then to the public services Division of the Video Communications
Department. He joined Lyonnaise des Eaux in 1986 as Director of the Audiovisual business. He has
been Managing Director of M6 since its creation in 1987, and was made Chairman of the M6 Group in

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