Council Meeting Transport, Telecommunications, Energy

2791st Council meeting Transport, Telecommunications and Energy
Brussels, 22 March 2007
President Mr Wolfgang TIEFENSEE, Federal Minister of Transport, Building and Urban Affairs of Germany

Main results of the Council
The Council approved a draft air transport agreement reached by EU-US negotiators on 2 March 2007.

The Council adopted conclusions on the status of the concession contract negotiations in respect of the global navigation satellite system Galileo. It also adopted a Decision authorising the Commission to open negotiations with non-EU countries on their participation in the Galileo Supervisory Authority.

In addition, the Council reached political agreement on a proposal for a Decision on the signature and provisional application of an agreement with Russia on Siberian overflights payments.

Without debate, the Council adopted:

  • a common position on a draft Regulation aimed at amending, for the 2007-13 period, the rules for the granting of Community aid for the financing of trans-European transport and energy networks;
  • a Regulation providing for the accelerated phasing-in of double-hull or equivalent design requirements for single-hull oil tankers.

Read the complete report of the 2791st Council Meeting Transport, Telecommunications and Energy in Brussels, 22 March 2007

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