EC approves Italian maritime public transport tender

Maritime transport of passengers: the Commission approves an Italian public service contract under State aid rules

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission 2007-02-21 decided to raise no objections to Italy’s plan to publish an invitation to tender for the maritime transport of passengers which involves State compensation. The invitation to tender is to select a maritime transport company for the purpose of establishing a regular summer service between the Italian port of Trieste, on the one hand, and the Slovenian port of Portorož and the Croatian ports of Parenzo and Rovigno, on the other.

The company selected following the invitation to tender which has been published by the Friuli-Venezia Guilia region will receive annual compensation of no more than €1 645 796 for a maximum of 5 years. In return, it will have to offer predetermined fixed fares which are sufficiently attractive to reduce congestion on the roads along the Adriatic coast between Trieste and Rovigno.

The Commission has approved the notified measures as they are compatible with Community law[1].

[1] Article 86(2) of the Treaty and Commission Decision 2005/842/EC of 28 November 2005 on the application of Article 86(2) of the EC Treaty to State aid in the form of public service compensation granted to certain undertakings entrusted with the operation of services of general economic interest.

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