EC releases interoperable road tolling documents

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission’s Directorate-General for Energy and Transport makes key documents on interoperable road tolling publicly available.

Key information relating to the definition of the EETS (European Electronic Toll Service) has been released by the European Commission. This information includes:

  • Reports;
  • Draft ISO 17575 (and synthesis) and the draft MISTER documents;
  • CESARE III documents on contractual interoperability;
  • Synthesis of the VERA2 project on cross-border enforcement;
  • Text of the Directive 2004/52/CE in 19 European languages

The aim of a European interoperable tolling is to offer its subscribers the possibility – by a single service contract – to travel and pay their charges in all toll domains in the EU using a single piece of onboard electronic equipment in the vehicle.

Interoperability of road charging solutions is a long-term objective for the EC. For the past decade, it has encouraged the industry to develop standards which can then be applied to the manufacturing of solutions for road charging in the different Member States. In April 2004, Directive 2004/52/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council was adopted. This lays down an EETS which provides interoperability at the technical, contractual and procedural level in the Community.

The EC initiated and successfully coordinates a European process on the further definition of the EETS at these levels. This already resulted in crucial elements that will together provide the basis for European deployment of such a service. The EC envisages a final definition of the EETS service during 2007, followed by the deployment of the service for heavy goods vehicles (HGV) within three years and private vehicles within 5 years from the date of adoption of the Commission decisions on the service definition of the EETS. This definition is being based on the recommendations by experts and those of the major stakeholders that have been elaborated in the documents which have now been made available.

All the documents can be downloaded at

In addition to the documents released by the EC, documents made available by the ERTICO-coordinated RCI project on road charging interoperability can also be accessed.

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