Strabag buys rooad constructor Poland from NCC

STRABAG buys the 4th largest road constructor in Poland, thus decidedly expanding its position as market leader
Market shakeout on the advance in Eastern European markets. Poland as a dynamic location for infrastructure investment in Europe

Vienna, Austria – The Swedish construction company NCC recently sold its subsidiary NCC Poland to STRABAG, following negotiations taking place during the Christmas holidays. The selling price totaled 110 million euros. In 2006 NCC Poland had an annual turnover of 110 million € and 900 employees. The NCC headquarters in Stockholm explained the sale as resulting from the wish for „a stronger focus on Scandinavia“.

In 2006, STRABAG had a turnover of 220 million euros in road construction in Poland, while employing 1.200 staff and workers. Total STRABAG activities in Poland amounted to 500 million €.

„NCC suits us perfectly“ explained STRABAG-boss Dr. Hans Peter Haselsteiner. „for years our stated goal in Poland has been area-wide expansion of our raw-materials activities in quarries and asphalt mixing facilities. NCC is ideal both in terms of volume and regional extension. The market adjustment which is already advanced in more mature markets is now getting under way in Eastern European markets. STRABAG will use this to expand its market position. In Poland we already have an edge on our competitors and have the capacity for future largescale infrastructure projects.“

According to expert predictions, Poland is likely to be the most dynamic location for infrastructure investment in the coming years. According to reports of the Polish ministry of Infrastructure, by the year 2013 a total of 35 billion € will flow into the development of road and highway infrastructure. No other country is experiencing as much investment as Poland. The Polish highway system is currently only 665 km long.

As early as December, STRABAG was able to land a large-scale project in Poland. For 130 million €, the 29 km long section of the A4 will be extended eastward from the German border at Görlitz. „We can really use the new capacities provided by NCC for this“, says Haselsteiner.

The sale is subject to regulatory approval by the Polish Anti-Trust Commission.

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