First United Nations Global Road Safety Week

23-29 April 2007

Geneva, Switzerland – The First United Nations Global Road Safety Week was called for in the October 2005 United Nations General Assembly resolution A/60/5 on Improving global road safety. The resolution invites the United Nations Regional Commissions and the World Health Organization (WHO) to jointly organize the Week. The Week will be modelled after previous road safety weeks orchestrated by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe and after World Health Day 2004.

The theme for the Week will be "young road users" – as young people constitute a major group at risk of death, injury and disability on the road. While the focus is on young road users, it is hoped that the actions resulting from the Week will benefit road users of all ages. During the course of the Week which will be held from 23-29 April 2007, it is envisioned that a large number of local, national and international events will be hosted all over the world. Many partners will participate in these events including governments, United Nations agencies, nongovernmental organizations and the private sector.

The main objectives of this First United Nations Global Road Safety Week 2007 are to:

  • Raise awareness about the societal impact of road traffic injuries, highlighting the risks for young road users;
  • Promote action around key factors which have a major impact on preventing road traffic injuries: helmets, seat-belts, drink driving, speeding and infrastructure;

The slogan for the Week, "Road Safety is No Accident", highlights the fact that road safety happens not by accident, but through the deliberate efforts on the part of many individuals and many sectors of society – governmental and nongovernmental alike.

Please visit to learn more about:

  • Activities around the world (Global activities, National and local activities);
  • Coordination (Contacts at WHO and United Nations Regional Commission offices);
  • Message from the UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan;
  • Toolkit for organizers of events.

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