Lecture: Infrastructure: The Glue Of Megacities

The Megacities Foundation in cooperation with the NICIS presents
The 9th Megacities Lecture: Infrastructure: The Glue Of Megacities

Professor Kingsley E. Haynes, Dean, School of Public Policy, George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia.

The 9th Megacities Lecture will take place Donderdag/Thursday 7 December 2006, 20.00 hours
Location: Beatrixzaal, Haagse Poort, Prinses Beatrixlaan 35, The Hague

provisional Programme
19.15 Start reception of the guests: coffee
20.00 Start Lecture session:
20.00-20.05: Welcome by the President of the Megacities Foundation Mr. Siwart Kolthek
20.05-20.15: Introduction by the moderator: Marianne Sint, Secretary General Ministry for Housing Spatial Planning and Environment
20.15-21.00 Lecture by Professor Kingsley Edwin Haynes
21.00-21.30 Coffee/tea
21.30-21.50 Co-report by Professor Dr. Peter Nijman, Professor of Regional Economy and Economic Geography at the Free University of Amsterdam
21.50-22.20 Discussion and conclusions by the moderator
22.20-22.30 Closing words Elsbeth van Hylckama Vlieg, Deputy Chair Megacities Foundation
22.30-23.30 End of session, start informal gathering and drinks
23.30 End of gathering, distribution of Megacities book 2006

The theme of the Megacities Lecture 2006 is the financing of the development of the living space, concentrated on a regional level

Prof. Haynes will speak about hard, soft, and smart infrastructure, its governance, management, and financing for competitiveness and sustainability. He will also discuss the role of different kinds of infrastructure in regional economic development, including the theory and practice of financing public goods investments, public-private partnerships, and public decision making. Finally he will use case studies from around the world to provide concrete examples.

The Megacities Initiative originates from the awareness of the future role of cities as the dominant type of settlement for humanity. Cities will play this role not only as a matter of fact but also as a matter of necessity, as the only other way of housing the increasing world population. In an intensive rural occupation pattern this would certainly lead to an ecological disaster.

The main activity of the Megacities Foundation is to organize a yearly lecture on topics related to the megacities. In the past lectures were given by Lars Lerup, Richard Sennett, Liu Tai Ker, Richard Rogers, David Harvey, Deyan Sudjic, Saskia Sassen and Peter Hall. See www.megacities.nl Archive for details and full text of these lectures.

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