RCI: Towards a framework for European Road Pricing

Brussels, Belgium – The ERTICO-coordinated, European Commission-supported RCI (Road Charging Interoperability) project held a successful workshop at ERTICO in Brussels on 27 July. The event brought together 40 industry participants, all members of the RCI Forum. The European Commission was also represented.

The RCI project will contribute to the development of a standard for the electronic collection of road tolls. Based on existing and planned European road charging systems, the project will produce an open framework that will enable road charging interoperability. It will develop and test a prototype of this framework in six European test sites: Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.

During the 27 July workshop, the RCI consortium presented and discussed the possible uses for RCI that needed to be supported by the prototype and what system requirements these uses would entail.

In-depth discussions during the four breakout sessions allowed the Forum to give valuable comments and suggestions to the RCI Consortium that will broaden and improve the basis for further technical development.

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Bron: ERTICO - ITS Europe