Revised package for EU programmes 2007-2013

Brussels, Belgium – Revised package for EU programmes 2007-2013 – priority for modernisation and economic progress.
The Commission’s proposals for EU programmes to start in 2007 under the new 2007-2013 financial framework prioritise policies for growth and economic progress. The revised package, which sets out details of funds for each programme and legal acts necessary for their implementation, is a major step before the programmes can be effectively launched.

“The adoption of this package by the Commission, one week after the Interinstitutional agreement on the new financial framework was signed on 17 May 2006, is a significant achievement that lays the foundations for the implementation of the new programmes from the beginning of 2007. We are now looking forward to the speedy finalisation of the process by the European Parliament and the Council”, commented Manuel Barroso,president of the European Commission.

The amended legislative acts proposed by the Commission are consistent with the annual expenditure ceilings agreed in the new financial framework by the Council (i.e. national governments), the European Parliament and the Commission. “Our challenge was to secure the modernisation and development of an enlarged Europe, within the funds available under the financial framework. New generation programmes designed to stimulate economic growth and employment were a clear priority for the Commission”, explained Commissioner Grybauskaite, EU Commissioner for Financial Programming and Budget.

For today’s package (2006-05-24), the Commission prepared or revised over thirty proposals necessary for the programmes to come into action (the so called legal bases). They are now subject to adoption, jointly by the Council and the European Parliament (through the so-called co-decision procedure), or the Council alone (after consultation or assent of the European Parliament).

The programmes are grouped within each expenditure heading (i.e. major areas of EU activity) of the new financial framework. The programming strategy proposed by the Commission prioritises policies for economic and sustainable progress, solidarity, security and a re-enforced role of Europe in the world. These include programmes under Competitiveness for growth and employment (heading 1a), such as the 7th Framework Programmes (research and technology), the Lifelong Learning Programme, trans-European Networks (TENs) for transport and energy, and Galileo (worldwide satellite navigation system).

For a detailed breakdown by heading please see Memo/06/213 ‘Q&A on the legislative package of EU programmes for the financial programming period 2007-2013‘

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