Bulgaria to modernize 900 km of road infrastructure

Bulgaria, Sofia – Over 900 km of road infrastructure to be modernized by the end of the government’s term of office.
By 2015, a total of 717,14 km of highways will be constructed, says the draft National Strategy for Integrated Infrastructure Development for 2006-2015. The document was discussed at the Council of Coordination, Control and Implementation of Infrastructure Projects of National Significance. At the end of January 2006, Prime Minister Sergei Stanishev delegated the respective Ministers to update the projects that the country is going to implement in the coming years, and to draft the timetable with clear financial assessment.

The Programme includes the construction of the following highways over the next years – Trakia, Lyulin, Maritsa, Struma and Black Sea Motorways. The overall indicative cost of the projects amounts to EUR 3 305 mln. The construction works will be funded under the EU Cohesion Fund, the state budget and through Public-Private Partnership.

Maritsa Highway (114 km) is scheduled to be constructed in 2009. EUR 360 mln will be allotted for its construction. Nearly EUR 600 mln will be allocated for the construction of Struma Highway, which is expected to be finalised by 2012.

Another priority on the cabinet’s agenda is the reconstruction and rehabilitation of road stretches along the Pan-European Transport Corridors. The construction of new roads and the modernisation of existing infrastructure covers a total of 175,5 km. Their total value is EUR 395,5 mln. Another EUR 457,425 mln will be channelled into the rehabilitation of 1453,8 km of the road network. The funding will be provided under the EU Cohesion Fund and the state budget.

By the end of the government’s term of office, the modernized road infrastructure will reach 913 km.

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Bron: Republic of Bulgaria Council of Ministers