Bilfinger Berger to build motorway section Australia

Mannheim, Germany – Bilfinger Berger has once again put its excellent position in carrying out major traffic infrastructure projects in Australia on display. The Company’s subsidiary Abigroup has been contracted with the construction of a seven-kilometer long motorway section on the Gold Coast in the Eastern part of the country. The project volume amounts to €200 million. At the center of the undertaking is a technically demanding tunnel structure which will be built using the top down construction method. Upon completion, the company will also take over maintenance of the motorway section.

The order is based on an Alliance Contract, a contractual form geared towards partnerships. Open questions are handled and decided on by a committee in which both client and contractor have an equal number of participants. This ensures that decisions are made quickly in the construction phase and eliminates any later legal entanglements. With these advantages, partnership models are becoming increasingly relevant in Australia. Abigroup is currently carrying out four major projects based on Alliance Contracts.

Australia, where an output volume of approximately €750 million was generated in financial year 2005, is currently Bilfinger Berger’s largest civil engineering market. The Company expects the strong demand there to continue in the future.

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: Bilfinger Berger AG Corporate Headquarters