First General Assembly of the RCI project

Brussels, Belgium – The General Assembly of the Road Charging Interoperability (RCI) project met in ERTICO offices on 14 September 2005 to discuss and update a set of project objectives and to set a clear work approach.

During the meeting, the RCI partners and the invited EU Commission representatives Philippe Hamet and John Berry from DG TREN shared their expectations for the project. The two Vice Chairs of the RCI Steering Committee, Jean Mesqui from ASFA and Joachim Lanzen from T-Systems International, presented the corporate view on the strategy for the RCI project and encouraged the consortium to continue their work at full speed.

The RCI project will address the issue of interoperability of road charging between European countries, trial and demonstrate interoperability between six key neighbouring countries – Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. The RCI project aims to contribute to this objective by demonstrating how any road charging transaction in Europe can be carried out with a single set of in-vehicle equipment.

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