Siemens & Zhuzhou: 72 Cars for Shanghai Metro

Erlangen, Germany – Together with its local partner Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive Company Ltd. (ZELC), Siemens Transportation Systems (TS) will deliver 72 new cars for the expansion of Shanghai Metro Line 1 and also adapt 24 existing cars for the same line. The cars will be manufactured by consortium leader ZELC in Zhuzhou, Hunan Province and be delivered to the customer Shanghai Shentong Holdings Co., Ltd. in 2007.

The Siemens scope contains the overall project management, the engineering and the delivery of the complete traction equipment. ZELC is responsible for the manufacturing of the carbody shells, the bogie frames and the assembly of the trains. The new motor cars and the 24 existing cars will be used to expand the 6-car trainsets into 8-car trainsets. This will increase the transport capacity of each train by one third: namely, from 1,860 to 2,480 passengers.

“This project underlines the customer’s trust in Siemens, demonstrates the competence of Siemens in the Chinese market and confirms our good cooperation with our local partner ZELC,” said Joern F. Sens, vice president of Siemens Transportation Systems Group.

Successful cooperation with Shanghai can be traced back to 1989 when the very first metro line was built for that city. Since then, Siemens has not only supplied Shanghai metro lines with various state-of-the-art products and systems ranging from signaling, electrification, communication, vehicles, etc., but has also provided overall project management know-how. In 2002, the consortium of ZELC and Siemens was given the order to deliver 168 cars for Shanghai Pearl Line Phase II.

Shanghai, as commercial center of China, has been paying great attention to developing its infrastructure in order to meet the growing demand for mobility and passenger transportation. Siemens, as a reliable and trustworthy partner of China, is committed to supporting the devel­opment of Shanghai’s infrastructure.

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