Interruption of oil supplies from Belarus to EU

Statement of Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs after the interruption of oil supplies from Belarus to the European Union

Brussels, Belgium – Following information indicating that there has been an interruption of supplies of oil from the Przyjazn pipeline (Druzhba in Russian) which carries Russian supplies via Belarus to Poland and the Western Europe pipeline that supplies Poland and Western Germany, commissioner Piebalgs has stated:

"The Commission is following the situation very closely. I can confirm that there has been an interruption of oil through the Przyjazn pipeline in Poland and my services are looking for information whether such a cut has had impact in the other branch of the pipeline that goes to Slovakia and south-East Europe. I am in close contact Polish, German, Slovak and other European authorities, to evaluate the impact of the cuts. I have also contacted our Russian and Belarussian authorities calling on them to provide an urgent and detailed explanation of the causes of this disruption.

Although there is no immediate risk to the supply of oil to the European Union, I am considering convening the Oil Supply Group, later this week to evaluate the impact of the situation and in case the supply disruption causes Member States to draw on their strategic stocks.

Auteur: Redactie Infrasite

Bron: European Commission