Commissioner Piebalgs: Rapid resolution Russia-Belarus

Commissioner Piebalgs calls for a rapid resolution of the Russia-Belarus gas conflict

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commissioner for Energy, Andris Piebalgs, has called on december 28, 2006 for an urgent resolution of the negotiations between Russia and Belarus about gas supplies for next year. "The Commission is following the situation very closely since it may affect gas supplies to the European Union. I call the two parts to reach as soon as possible a satisfactory agreement that do not put in question gas transits to the EU. In any case, I will call the Gas Coordination Group to meet on 4th January in Brussels to evaluate the situation", said Commissioner Piebalgs.

The Gas Coordination Group (GCG) was established by Directive 2004/67/EC, and deals with measures to safeguard security of natural gas supply. It is composed by representatives of Member States, representative bodies of the industry concerned and of relevant consumers. It is chaired by the European Commission.

The GCG met last time on 6 October in Brussels, at the request of Commissioner Piebalgs, in order to ensure that the EU can meet the demand for gas this winter, particularly in view of last year’s challenges to the security of gas supply. For first time, the group welcomed representatives of Ukraine and Russia. In that occasion, Gazprom representative assured that no problem of gas supply was expected for this winter.

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