Piebalgs welcomes energy cooperation Baltic Sea region

IP/06/791 Energy Commissioner Piebalgs welcomes energy cooperation in the Baltic Sea region

During his speech at the Parliamentary Conference on “Energy Cooperation around the Baltic Sea” organised by the European Energy Forum in Riga 2006-06-16, EU Energy Commissioner Andris Piebalgs underlined the benefits this cooperation can bring to the whole of the European Union and called for the Baltic Region to play a role in Europe’s energy future. “The Baltic area has the potential to become one of the most integrated regions within the European Union. It has a vital role to play in the EU’s partnership with third countries, particularly Russia, in the debate for a new Energy Policy for Europe and in reaching a truly integrated energy market in Europe,” EU Energy Commissioner said.

Commissioner Piebalgs welcomed moves to build up energy cooperation in the Baltic region, not least through the Baltic Sea Region Energy Cooperation (BASREC), the European Union’s Northern Dimension and the EU’s energy dialogue with Russia. He highlighted the areas where greater integration is already bringing benefits to the region, while also increasing the coherence of the EU’s single energy market. Among these are major infrastructure projects to improve security of supply in the region, and consequently for the EU as a whole.

The Commissioner recalled the major themes of the current debate on a European energy policy: competitiveness, sustainability and security of supply. He recognised the important contribution of the stakeholders in the Baltic region to this debate. According to the Commissioner, the region must be fully involved in the European response, not least in energy efficiency initiatives, greater promotion of renewable energy and technology development.

Anticipating greater integration of the Baltic energy into the wider European market, Commissioner Piebalgs looked forward to Baltic region becoming a major force in Europe’s energy future.

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