eSafety Support: Working to save lives

New project will spread the word on benefits of
Intelligent Integrated Safety Systems

Brussels, Belgium – The European Commission-funded eSafety Support project kicked off in January 2006. It will assist the eSafety initiative that was set up in support of the Commission’s White Paper ‘European Transport Policy for 2010: Time to Decide’. One of its key objectives is to halve the number of road fatalities by 2010.

eSafety brings together the European Commission, industry, public authorities and other stakeholders with the aim of accelerating the development, deployment and use of Intelligent Safety Systems. The goal is to increase road safety and reduce the number of accidents and fatalities on Europe’s roads.

eSafety Support stimulates and monitors the activities, progress and results generated by the eSafety initiative by offering assistance to the eSafety Forum and its Working Groups – disseminating the results of their work to all stakeholders. eSafety Support will gather information on national and international activities and will serve as reference point of all eSafety information.

The information will be distributed broadly, aiming to inform the general public about the benefits and use of eSafety systems. These systems can save lives by providing the driver with the necessary support in hazardous situations.

A website,, has been designed for the launch of eSafety Support, incorporating all information on eSafety activities.

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