Siemens Mobility Division aims at securing sustainable profits

Erlangen, Germany – The Mobility Division is currently developing its “Mobility in Motion” program as a supplementary effort to secure profitability. The goal is to reach and sustain the Division’s medium-term margin target range of 5 to 7 percent. Division structures, organization and portfolio will be analyzed and appropriate measures for cost improvements will be identified – in areas like procurement, manufacturing, sales, administration, and project management – to reach this goal. Implementation of the “Mobility in Motion” program will begin in October 2008 at the latest.

“We intend to be technology leader in the mobility market and achieve a sustainable profit margin,” said Hans-Jörg Grundmann, CEO of the Mobility Division. “We can succeed here only if we act decisively now and set the right course. Mobility must standardize its products, for example, to eliminate future cost-intensive quality problems with one-off developments.”

The mobility industry is an attractive but intensively competitive market. The new organization of the Division will make it possible to network various kinds of transportation systems in order to move people and goods more efficiently. The Siemens unit combines competencies for rail and road infrastructure with logistics solutions and rolling stock for rapid transit, regional and long-distance systems. “This is our unique strength: No other competitor in this industry can offer such a broad spectrum of solutions,” said Grundmann. The growing demand for networked transportation solutions and the need to ensure the climate compatibility of transportation systems in cities and regions will continue to push growth.

The Siemens Industry Sector (Erlangen, Germany) is the worldwide leading supplier of production, transportation and building technologies. With integrated hardware and software technologies as well as comprehensive Industry-specific solutions, Siemens increases the productivity and efficiency of its customers in the fields of industry and infrastructure. The Sector consists of six divisions: Building Technologies, Industry Automation, Industry Solutions, Mobility, Drive Technologies and Osram.
With around 209,000 employees worldwide Siemens Industry achieved in fiscal 2007 total sales of approximately EUR40 billion (pro forma, unconsolidated).

The Siemens Mobility Division (Erlangen, Germany) is the internationally leading provider of transportation and logistics solutions. With its “Complete Mobility” approach, the Division is focused on networking the various modes of transportation in order to ensure the efficient transport of people and goods. Complete Mobility combines the company’s competence in operations control systems for railways and traffic control systems for roadways together with solutions for airport logistics, postal automation, traction power supplies and rolling stock for mass transit, regional and mainline services, as well as forward-looking service concepts.

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