2008 Polis Conference, Barcelona 25/26 November


2008 Polis Conference, Barcelona 25/26 November

Public meets private

Towards a common agenda for mobility in cities and regions

The deadline for submission of papers is 30 May 2008 !

Learn about innovative examples of multi-stakeholder cooperation

Gain insight to the future direction of urban and regional mobility

Learn about current practices and future plans to:

>Reduce the environmental impact of road transport

>Tackle congestion and manage mobility demand

>Deliver safer roads and a more secure transport network

>Achieve inclusive transport systems

Debate the research needs for sustainable mobility in cities and regions

Network with local and regional transport decision- makers and professionals from around Europe

Who should attend the Conference?

>Decision makers at local, national and EU level

>Transport professionals from public authorities

>Transport industry players Researchers

Experience has shown that progress in moving towards more sustainable transport systems can rarely be achieved by a transport authority in isolation but through partnerships with the many different stakeholders that influence mobility demand and the mobility systems in our regions and cities today. These stakeholders are local agencies and businesses, citizens, technology developers, service suppliers and freight operators among others. Local and regional transport authorities are increasingly engaging with them to define a common agenda for the future of mobility, which can be defined as a shared commitment to goals and measures supported by partnerships for the development and delivery of new mobility solutions. The Mobility Pact of Barcelona, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, is an example of multi-stakeholder cooperation for urban and regional mobility.

A common agenda is necessary both at the local and the European level to achieve sustainable mobility. Moving towards sustainable local mobility is widely acknowledged as being one of the most important challenges of the near future to meet the European objectives of tackling congestion and climate change.

The Polis 2008 conference will provide an opportunity to take stock of the achievements and learn about future partnerships and cooperation.


The conference will be divided into five interlinking parts. High-level speakers from the local, national and EU level will outline the broader policy framework. Local politicians from across Europe will debate in roundtables the merits and challenges of engaging key stakeholders in the definition of a common agenda for mobility. The parallel sessions will provide an opportunity to learn about the innovative solutions implemented in cities and regions and participants will be able to see some of these solutions during the technical visits and at the exhibition that will run throughout the conference.


The conference parallel sessions will essentially be organised around the four broad themes of the Polis working groups: environment & health; safety and security; traffic efficiency & mobility; and, the economic & social dimension of transport. The sessions will also provide an opportunity for Polis members to report back on the key issues emerging from the working groups.


Papers should address one or more of the topics listed below:

>Partnership working with key agencies

>Engaging with local businesses

>Citizen participation and consultation on mobility planning

>Innovative business models for developing and delivering new mobility systems and services

>Cooperation between industry and public authorities on the development of mobility solutions at local, national and European level

The deadline for submission of papers is 30 May 2008. Authors will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation process in June.

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