ASK-IT Final Conference – deadline papers extended

Deadline for abstracts: 25 February 2008

Brussels, Belgium – The ASK-IT Final Conference will allow different stakeholders, whether it be telecom providers, industry, user representatives, research institutes or local authorities, to gather together to see and experience the results of the ASK-IT project. The event will include high-level speakers and experts from around the world and will provide state of the art information on accessibility initiatives in Europe and beyond. The conference will be hosted by NIK – the Nuremberg association for the ICT sector.

ASK-IT is an integrated project, partly funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme, e-Inclusion. The driving vision behind the ASK-IT project is to develop ICT services that will allow Mobility Impaired people to live more independently. Through a device (mobile phone, PDA) users will have access to relevant and real-time information primarily for travelling, but also whilst at home, for work and leisure services. The emphasis is on seamless information provision and a device that is intelligent enough to address the personal needs and preferences of the user.

The conference welcomes high quality contributions from a variety of stakeholders from across Europe and beyond for all sessions. Deadline for abstracts: 25 February 2008

For more information about the ASK-IT project, visit

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