New eSafety Working Group: ICT for Clean Mobility

New group investigating how technology can make mobility greener meets 6 December 2006

Brussels, Belgium – A new eSafety Forum Working Group that aims to identify and promote ways that information and communication technologies can make mobility cleaner and more energy-efficient held its kick-off meeting 6 December 2006 in Brussels.

The eSafety Forum Working Group on ICT for Clean Mobility will investigate how life-saving eSafety technologies can also be used to make mobility cleaner and more efficient. The group is chaired by Mr Paul Kompfner of ERTICO and Mr Wolfgang Reinhardt of ACEA.

The 6 December meeting was attended by representatives from research and development institutes, public authorities, automotive industry, NGOs, the transport and environment sectors and integrated traffic management specialists.

Top five topics
The top five work topics for the Working Group were identified as:

  • Traffic management;
  • Pre-trip information and planning
  • Driver information and support
  • Route guidance and optimisation
  • Eco-driving

The new Working Group will also look into the logistics management, environmental data collection, real-time driving information and the relations between the information from the traffic network and engine management.

Its next step will be to identify the latest work and the leading technology in the priority areas. It will also work on a methodology to quantify eco-benefits in the multi-modal world as well as effects of ICT on road network environmental conditions. Further work will include analysng different scenarios and preparing recommendations for deployment, as well as identifying barriers and how they might be overcome.

The next meeting of the Working Group will be held in the first quarter of 2007.

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