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Mannheim, Germany – Bilfinger Berger has announced the launch of an international competition to identify best practice solutions in the complex web of interaction between society, business and government. People with expertise in these fields, such as scientists, professionals or journalists, are encouraged to submit studies on successful, innovative projects which have been implemented in other countries and which could provide new impetus in Germany.“

Looking beyond borders definitely helps in the search for solutions”, says Herbert Bodner, Chairman of the Executive Board at Bilfinger Berger. “This also applies to concepts that regulate the interaction between business and government. Solutions that have proven effective elsewhere can often be transferred to Germany. With the Bilfinger Berger Award, we want to promote this process of knowledge transfer.”

Bilfinger Berger, a leading international construction and services group, is looking for effective solutions in the following areas: mobility and transport, urban development and real estate, environment and energy, public administration and procurement as well as privatization and outsourcing.

“We hope this international award will identify innovative solutions that might serve as examples. We are not necessarily looking for giant leaps. A step-by-step approach is often much more effective”, explains Professor Klaus Töpfer, chairman of the jury that will evaluate the individual entries. “How effective, for example, have new forms of cooperation between various levels of public administration and the private sector turned out to be?"

In addition to Klaus Töpfer, former director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), members of the jury are the TV journalist and anchorwoman Dr. Gabriele Krone-Schmalz, Professor Michael Hüther, Director of the Institut der Deutschen Wirtschaft Köln, as well as the Director of the Prognos Institute, Mathias Bucksteeg. The jury will evaluate the quality of the solutions, particularly in terms of their social and economic relevance, their potential for transferring them to other environments and the efficiency of means.

The award winners will receive prizes totalling €70,000. “We also intend to publish a selection of the best case studies. This will open up discussion whether the solutions presented can be transferred to Germany”, adds Herbert Bodner.

Anyone who is able to contribute to this international competition is encouraged to apply.

The closing date for entries is December 31, 2006.

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