Greater Lyon chooses Alstom tramways again

Saint Ouen, France – SYTRAL, the body responsible for organizing public transport in the Rhône region and the Greater Lyon metropolitan area in France, has ordered 13 additional Citadis tramsets for its new T4 line. The order is worth a total of 27.4 million euros. Delivery will take place between September 2008 and April 2009.

This latest order evidences the trust SYTRAL has in Alstom’s ability to support its policy of developing public transport in the region, following 10 years of partnership. In 1998, SYTRAL became one of the first customers to choose Alstom’s technology and expertise to provide the infrastructure, signalling and a fleet of 47 tramways destined for its initial T1 and T2 lines. For line T3, known as “LEA”, SYTRAL entrusted Alstom at the beginning of 2005 with the laying of the track, the signalling and ordered 10 additional tramsets.

With 57 tramways in service, the Greater Lyon area now has one of the largest fleets of Citadis in the world. To date, 945 Citadis have been ordered by 24 cities around the world and another 30 cities have a tramway project scheduled for the next 3 years. Tramways are now well on their way to becoming the urban transport solution of choice because they make it possible to offer sustainable mobility, to rethink and re-energize the urban environment, to preserve architectural heritage and contribute to city growth. Between now and end 2007, ALSTOM expects to pass the 1,000 mark in terms of Citadis tramways sold across the world.

Technical characteristics of the Lyon T4 Citadis

The tramways for the Greater Lyon area are taken from the CITADISTM 302 range, a bi-directional, integral low floor vehicle.

Tramset composition:

  • 5 modules made up of 2 power cars, one at either end, 2 suspended cars and 1 elevator platform;
  • Tramset length: 32.42 metres;
  • Width: 2.40 metres.


  • Seats: 56;
  • Standing capacity: 145;
  • Total capacity: 201.


  • Integral low floor;
  • Sliding steps;
  • 4 double and 2 single access doors per side.

Passenger comfort:

  • Air conditioning (driving cab and passenger compartment);
  • Generous glass windows;
  • Visual and audio information.

Driving and operating aids:

  • Audio links: 1 intercom unit per door;
  • Public address system and intercom links with the passenger compartment;
  • Exterior rear-view video;
  • Interior video surveillance system.

Technical features:

  • Top speed: 70 km/h;
  • Power: 4 x 120 kW (continuous operation).

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