Export success Stadler: 14 FLIRTs for Poland

Bussnang, Switzerland – Stadler wins a highly competitive international tender with the FLIRT for the regions of Masovia and Silesia. Fourteen 4-part FLIRT railcars (Fast Light Innovative Regional Turbo-train) will be procured along with services for 3 years and personnel training courses, an order worth approximately 100 million Swiss Francs. Delivery of the first two railcars will begin in Autumn 2007, and the remaining railcars will be delivered monthly until the end of 2008. The number of FLIRTs sold since 2002 thus increases to 263 vehicles.

At the end of June 2006, Stadler Bussnang AG was declared the winner in a tough international selection process. The contracts for 10 FLIRTs for Masovia and 4 FLIRTs for Silesia have already been signed with the respective regions. The tender concerns the delivery of 14 electrical railcars for regional rail transport, together with services and corresponding training of the railway operator’s personnel.

The FLIRT vehicle design offered by Stadler has achieved success on the market in a short period of time and has been sold 263 times in Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Algeria and Poland.

Stadler entered the Polish market the first time over 10 years ago and is therefore very happy about the successful market entry with the FLIRT. Stadler considers Poland, a country with a rich railway tradition, to be a very interesting and promising market with a market potential of over 1000 electrical railcars, pent-up potential and highly skilled workers. For this reason, Stadler has decided to establish a subsidiary for final assembly in Poland. In the start-up phase, Stadler will begin with around 40-50 employees, who will perform the final assembly of the FLIRTs ordered for Poland. These employees will be partly trained in Switzerland for a successful technology transfer. The further expansion of this new location will strongly depend on the future placement of orders in Poland and the resulting capacity utilisation. The strategic orientation of the Stadler Rail Group will remain unchanged. A Swiss supply share will be maintained for export orders, but a local manufacturing share will be generated to increase competitiveness and thus export chances.

The comfortable and high-performance FLIRT for the regions of Masovia and Silesia is a 4-part railcar with up to 212 seats and 284 standing spaces. It has only a 2nd class for regional rail use. For the quick embarking/disembarking of passengers, it has 8 doors on each side. Sliding steps located underneath the vehicle floor make boarding easier in train stations with low platforms.

The Stadler Rail Group, the system supplier of customer-specific solutions for rail vehicle construction, incorporates Stadler Altenrhein AG, Stadler Bussnang AG, and Stadler Winterthur AG in Switzerland in addition to the two German locations, Stadler Pankow GmbH in Berlin and Stadler Weiden GmbH in Bavaria. The Group employs a workforce of 1800 around the world. The best known vehicle series from the Stadler Rail Group are the globally successful GTW articulated railcar (398 trains sold), the Regio Shuttle RS1 (354 trains sold) and the Fast Light Innovative Regional Turbo-train FLIRT (263 trains sold). Stadler Pankow GmbH, Berlin has successfully established itself in the streetcar and tram market with the product series Variobahn (159 vehicles sold) and the newly developed Tango (66 vehicles sold). Furthermore, Stadler manufactures passenger carriages and diesel-electric locomotives and is also the world’s leading manufacturer of rack rail vehicles.

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